Reading Sonia…

As I search for something I can’t quite define I find myself drawn to Sonia Choquette.  There is a beauty and life in her books and I devour them with pure gratitude. As I read I feel as though we are connected, as though she knows me on another level. She has taught me to trust myself and my own inner guidance and I am forever changed.

This letting go is completely counter to the way I was raised. Without discrediting my parents, who are deeply loving and protective, this new way of viewing the universe as a supportive rather than hostile entity is both liberating and unsettling.

Sonia tells me to trust my vibes… To listen to my own inner guidance. But deep down I wonder what my inner guidance has to say? How can I listen?

In order to do that with any success I first need to scrape away layers of conditioned thought and patterns of behaviour. This is easier said than done in a modern world full of distractions and the glossy venere of traditional perspectives. If I wish to peek behind the curtain to find the real me, I’m going to have to let go of some beliefs that I’ve come to rely on, beliefs that ultimately provide me with my comfortable life handcuffs.


I was lucky enough to meet Sonia Choquette at the “I can do it” workshop in Vancouver last spring. She wore a red and white gingham print skirt straight out of a 1950s kitchen, a bright red sweater and a smile that was indescribably honest. She had all 1,200 of us stand up and shout HA while beating on our chests. After 3 minutes of this she asked us to stop, and feel. I stopped… And felt an amazing rush of energy, joy, abundance, wellness and love. I had tears in my eyes. She paused, drew a breath and then said “Do you feel that? That is your spirit. That’s how your spirit always feels. When you connect with it you connect with this wonderful feeling and you’ll never want to feel anything less.”

Sonia Choquette

Why do we live so far away from this feeling? Why do we look to reason before intuition when seeking guidance? My own acquiescence to ‘walk the beaten path’ has led me to chronic headaches, shingles and a growing dependence on prescription medication. I want more. I want out.

Sonia’s advice is to stop, breathe, beat my chest and resurect my spirit. I’m going to follow her down whichever
rabbit hole she ventures into.

It is a new time for me. I choose wellness. I choose simple and honest and true. I’m on a journey to uncover my own spirit and am willing to let go to do it.


8 thoughts on “Reading Sonia…

  1. Thank you for connecting with me on my blog and guiding me toward this article. This is something I’ve been struggling with. I’ve been trying to uncover layers of who I’ve been told I’m supposed to be and find the real me. During that process, I’ve been questioning my thought patterns, traditions, etc. I’m in my forties, so there are a lot of questions! I’ve realized how set in my ways I’ve become and how the endless track of doing what I’ve always done has made me deeply unhappy.

    I wish you the best of luck on our journey. I hope you discover a world of possibilities and truth.

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      • We all must be gentle on ourselves as much as possible. Why we buy into the idea that life has to be a struggle peppered with moments of joy is beyond me. It should be joy joy joy peppered with some work here and there to support ourselves. I feel like I’m ready to jump off the edge of this cliff and do what I want to do and just say no to the conventional way of thinking.


    • I feel like we all get a chance to choose the way we see the world. We can continue to see it in the way that it is presented to us or we can make new choices and allow the world to be the way we want to see it. Sonia Choquette has inspired in me a new way of seeing the world and it is beautiful.


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