I knew at a young age that I wanted to see the world and experience life from other people’s perspective.  I completed a bachelor’s degree at the University of Calgary in 1997 with a Major in Psychology and an interest in Philosophy and immediately set out into the world in search of life experiences.  Over the next fifteen years I travelled to Costa Rica, Honduras, Cuba, Mexico, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan, Mongolia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Austria, The Czech Republic, Holland, Hungary, England, Spain and Portugal, and  lived in France, Halifax, Jasper, South Africa and Taiwan before ‘settling down’ in Golden.  What my experience in life has taught me is that we are all the same in our desires for health and happiness and a connection to the people around us.  What makes one person accomplish great things is the simple will to do what it takes to make it happen.


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      • I read a girl’s blog this morning and she was so hard on yourself and it made me realize that what she gives herself is a hard time. You know where we say I’m always giving myself a hard time. In return you have a hard time in life.

        I don’t know how it has taken me this long to get to these lessons but I am so glad they’re here. I’m so glad to have your support. Shine on

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      • I am humbled by your openness and trust, Joanne! I thank you for that. It is such a gift for me!!! Actually you know it all! It is only to open up the right drawer and therefore we need some reminder… Thank you for having you here!

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      • You really are inspiring to me. You had the courage to write your book and then the courage to follow through with sharing it with the world. I have so many books that live in my mind but struggle to make it to the page. It’s always like it will happen later or when I’m finished almost a daily this or that or the other thing. Connecting with others like yourself is almost like a daily practice in remembering what I really want to do. It’s a good way to grease the wheel as it were.

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      • You will always find those persons or hints you need at the perfect time. If this is such a moment I couldn’t be any happier that I may be one of those on your path.
        You know, when I started writing my book I did not do it with the intention already to publish it. That would have been too overwhelming at that time. I simply started writing and thought that at least it is a therapy for me. And it was. The universe sent everything my way to experience each chapter I wrote about in its essence. Therefore I received lots of exmples I could use for the book. It was great. Therefore I’d suggest that you just start writing. And when you are done see how you feel about it and decide then.

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      • Absolutely! That’s why blogging is such a wonderful way to open up as well. Most of all because the reactions are so positive and heart warming. You will lose you fear and doubts pretty fast and your confidence will strengthen.

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      • Thank you, I think my fears and doubts are melting a little bit more everyday. putting words out into the ether, regardless of who reads and what they say, is an act of writing and that makes me a writer which is a dream come true.

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  1. You are well traveled, say nothing of well educated. Your luggage must be exhausted! Thank you for choosing to follow what is in my Attic. I am likely to give you plenty to evaluate after reading only a paragraph or two of what I like to call, drivel. But I look forward to trying to get you to fall down laughing, and if I fail… there may be a small Swiss bank account in it for you. After all, I bill my site as the most impossible to find blog on the internet, and once a follower finds me I have found paying my readers to stay helps. Just don’t wait to long to cash any checks. Welcome Joanne, it is a pleasure to have you as one of my followers. :O)

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      • I’ve discovered that through blogging, hence the tagline of my blog – friends without borders. A good friend of mine is from Pakistan, who is dear friends with a blogger from India. Those countries have been adversarial for some time, yet the people are not. I’m happy to have found your blog!

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      • Thank you, I’m happy to have found yours as well. The blogging community is extremely supportive. I to have met people from all over the world and shared incredible conversations with them on all sorts of topics.

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    • I wrote a post called where there’s a will there’s a way to Bora Bora, in that post I wrote that the simple reason I traveled so much was because I wanted to. untethered to conventional living I was free to explore my heart’s desire to see the world and interact with people of other cultures. as cliche as it is I think my favorite place is France. I love the pace of life and the desire to have more beauty everyday. As a culture they seem to honor the aesthetic anyway that expresses itself everywhere. I was also very enchanted by South Africa.

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  2. Thanks for liking one of my comments in another site, Joanne, which in turn has enabled my connect with yours. Like you, I also just started blogging a little over a year ago and have since built up what I think is a good corpus. So the key, as Erika has already hinted, is to get started, and, some six months down the line, you will be surprised by your own output provided you are regular with your posts…best wishes… Raj.

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