Staring at the Sky….

When I was little I used to lay on my roof and stare at the sky waiting for airplanes to fly overhead.  When I spotted a silver bird I would wonder wistfully who was on that plane, where they were going and what kind of exciting adventure awaited them.  I could lie there for hours imagining trips to Rome or Paris or the Orient, dreaming up incredible trips for the passengers, anxious to join them one day.  The funny thing is that I grew up in Lethbridge Alberta – home to a tiny airport servicing mostly Calgary…so the truth was that most of those planes were business commuters heading home after a less than exotic day of office work.  Oh the beautiful unblemished mind of a child wonderer…is there anything more fun?

Yes, that's really me in all my seventh grade glory

Yes, that’s really me in all my seventh grade glory

Fast forward a few decades, I did grow up to be the kind of person who constantly imagines what other people’s lives are like, where they are headed and what lies ahead for them. I remain to this day a perpetual wonderer and all this wonder has produced a mind that thinks a lot of thoughts and loves to travel. I’ll share my thoughts and travel stories here…read them if you like.