Day 6 – Cease to Exist

It’s Saturday so the kids are home from school for the weekend.  This makes it hard to carve out the time and silence I need to meditate for an hour so I had to make do with just 20 minutes.  With earbuds and a quick ‘youtbue’ search of meditation I was amazed by how far away I was able to drift while still listening to the boys laughter.  I felt my mind slow down and stop the blathering long enough to feel present.  It is incredible to let go and just be.  I imagined myself sitting beside a waterfall and watched the water pool and then flow downstream.  I could feel the cool spray on my face and pulled in a long, fresh breath of the misty air.  My heart rate dropped, my shoulders released and I heard the word Bhavathi being spoken to me.  It said “you are bhavathi…you are bhavathi”.  I looked right and saw a wooded area and imagined myself running through the trees.  I looked left and saw the water falling endlessly.  I looked forward and saw nothing but felt the sun on my face.

I came out of the  meditation more calm and feeling peaceful.  Perhaps that is the lesson here.

Check it out..Meditation

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