The nightmare I can’t wakeup from

Wow. This is an incredible insight into post concussion syndrome. It truly is a nightmare.


When I was younger I always imagined how my life would be after high school. I envisioned myself going away to university, going out with my friends regularly, studying hard to reach my goals, and being involved in many sports. I couldn’t wait to move away from home and “start fresh”. I was excited to work towards achieving my goals in life. In my grade 12 year I worked so hard and even achieved an 86% average. I was in amazing shape, and preparing to move out within a few months. I couldn’t wait for the next chapter in my life to begin!

What I didn’t envision was living with post concussion syndrome, and having my life put on hold for over a year. Life has a funny way of slamming the door in your face right when you think you’re beginning to have things figured out. Instead of moving…

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