Fabulous Friday #4

These regular posts of inspiration and determined focus on what is fabulous are like buoys in the ocean. They are like little guide posts on the path towards the good life.

In the inevitable ebb and flow of existence I’m going to admit to feeling a little less than fabulous today. My recovery from post concussion syndrome and whiplash is taking longer than I ever anticipated and my capacity to remain calm and centred is eroding.

Gloria Steinem said “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”  I guess my current truth is that I have had to let go of control of my body. It has pissed me off to the point of total surrender. It is not fun. It does not feel like liberation. It does not feel like awakening or any of that good stuff. It actually feels like failure if I’m totally honest.

So in this place of surrender, with a looming feeling of failure, I offer it all up. I let go of it all. Like leaves in the river I will let the current take me away and have faith that it will all work out.


12 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday #4

  1. Yes Joanne that’ totally true until you don’t let go everything that bothers you during this recovery accepting yourself the way it is today “acceptance” is the key of a new start things will come to place you will see, be positive you are already healing, you are great, and you need to love yourself take the time to relax, meditate, find that place in your heart and soul where you can be yourself and happy, good things will come, I know it coul’d be very frustrating at times but if you practice this daily it will help…Let go ❤

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  2. We don’t have to hold on to our suffering, and most of us try not to, because it’s not how we expected to live our lives, but it’s terribly tiring when it keeps intruding and demanding attention. Best wishes for steady recovery, even if it does proceed slowly.

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