I whisper to myself…

Today in meditation I spoke with the younger me.  I asked her to dream big; dream wild and crazy and wonderful things. She looked at me with a huge smile and said, “Can I really dream big? How big? Can it really come true?” I replied with an enthusiastic yes! “What you dream I live; what you believe I become” I explained. She threw up her arms, tipped her head back and twirled while she whispered “I know exactly what I want, I can see it when I close my eyes, but I don’t know how to get it.”

Recognizing this fear, I took a breath and then told her the secret I had just learned. I explained that the path effortlessly unfolds as long as you passionately dream it. Dream big without hesitation or hindrance. Dream with faith and enthusiasm.

To this she was quick to reply, ” I want to do cartwheels, laugh and joke and make people smile. I want to dance and dream and be happy!”


My little tap dancing self.

Tears welled up in our eyes as I held her hand and said “That is a wonderful dream! Your life is beautiful;even better than you could ever imagine. Please just keep dreaming, never stop, never let go of the joy of all that is and will be.”

After having that conversation with my younger self I felt a tapping on my shoulder and heard a whisper in my ear. I realized it was my older self. She said “I am thinking nice thoughts from a yacht in the Caribbean, glass of champagne in hand. You dreamed so big, you believed so much and I am so grateful. The time you are living now is the time when everything changed. Something lifted, a door opened and you took a fork in the road towards pure bliss love, passion and belief in yourself. This made all the difference.” She went on to tell me of the future I was headed for. It blew me away. It was the future I had been dreaming of but feared would never come to be.

With a lump in my throat I said to my future self “What can I do now to be sure that this all happens the way you say?” My future self told me to abandon all fear and replace it with faith. She said “When I look back upon our life I see the path wind around obstacles that simply weren’t there except in our mind. Walk slowly with determination and joy towards that which you really desire and I promise it will all come right.”

I told her my dreams and we had tears in our eyes. She held my hands and said “You already are all those things and so much more. You live a beautiful life that is even better than you could have ever imagined.”

In that moment I realized that no matter what stage of life, all I have to do is dream big and fearlessly allow all that will be. It all made such beautiful sense and filled me with a sense of peace I’d never known.

I opened my eyes and gently returned to the present moment. I smiled and took a deep knowing breath.

70 thoughts on “I whisper to myself…

  1. This is so inspiring and I’m at a point in my life where this is something I really needed to hear. It’s a beautiful thing how I just so happened to come across this. Thank you for having such a beautiful mind.

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  2. I happened to bounce over here from Danny’s meet n greet, and I am glad I did. Perfect timing too, for today I again found my inner self. I was taking a single mattress out of an upstairs bedroom and set it in the stairwell. That’s when I noticed it fit just perfect between the walls. On top I climbed, toboggan style, and rode it down. Wheeeeee! Fifty-one years old and still sliding down the stairs on my backside. Young at heart, still a child, and happy.

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    • I too believe in the law of giving and receiving and the power of our dreams. My dream is to write.. So everyone who reads is helping me fulfill my dream. It’s been wonderful to have this blog while I recover from post concussion syndrome.

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  4. Your self conversation is so beautiful.and clear. As I grow up, I find it’s hard to do so and I guess that’s what makes my character becomes weaker. Did you do self conversation regularly? Cool! And I like the picture too, so cute! 🙂

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    • I wonder too what choices I have made to be the version of me that I am today. What would little me think? Have I honoured her dreams or have I held back from fear?

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate the connection.

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