Hard time


I’m always giving myself a hard time.

Have you ever heard someone say that?Have you ever felt deep inside that you are giving yourself a hard time?
Do you criticize and critique your every thought, every move, every action… thinking that somehow it will propel you to be better.
Do you think that doing this protects you in some way? Think it will make you smarten up or behave or do the right thing or be the right person?

The truth is it will do nothing but cut you down and make you feel awful. Harsh words reduce and diminish they don’t inspire and ignite. Whether said to yourself or someone else criticism is not what makes us grow. It is love and compassion that makes us better.

If we get what we give in the world and we spend so much time giving ourselves a hard time it makes sense to think that what we would receive in return is a life that feels hard,  feels difficult, like it’s beating us up.

Whether we like it or not we are part of this cycle of giving and receiving and if we continue giving ourselves a hard time that’s what we will get. Give yourself a break.. give yourself love and compassion and you will receive that in return. Look for examples of how you are in the cycle of giving and receiving in your life and you will see very quickly that it is true. Look for beauty and it will find you. Give into the temptation to find what feels good and your life will be full of things that feel good.

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55 thoughts on “Hard time

    • I’m glad to hear this as it makes me feel a little more human. Every time a reader reaches out to me to say that my words resonate it gives me such a feeling of connectedness. I hope you will speak kindly to yourself as much as possible. I’m working on it.

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  1. Hi, thank you for the comment. I’m actually a little frightened by this post, because it’s so real. You’re right. All I do is give myself a hard time, thinking that I’ll pull myself together somehow, instead I just crumble even more. I’ll take your advice and do my best to follow it. Thank you so much for reaching out, it was actually all I needed. ❤

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    • I can understand that you would be frightened. We live so much of our lives within a paradigm of self criticism that we believe on some level is beneficial to our growth. in contemplating that that paradigm is wrong we open the door to realizing that we can be kind to ourselves. I am humbled to think my words have reached you in this way and grateful that you shared your thoughts with me.

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  2. This is really beautiful. One of the toughest aspects of being human is that we tend to be too hard on ourselves and don’t give ourselves the credit that we deserve. We tend to over-analyze and strive for others’ approval when in reality, the only legit approval you need it your own. That’s kinda how I take to my writing. On Tumblr, I used to write one shots for people and was really successful at it. I’d get requests daily and crank them out; people loved them. Then, I started doing fan fics. That’s when I started doubting myself. I barely had any readers and i wondered if my writing was any good. A few years later, and now I’ve stopped thinking about that and just write for myself. Contentment in your work and self only works if you allow it to happen, regardless of anyone else.


    • When we are trying to do things out of obligation we often practice them with the phrase I have to. try to use the preface I want to and see if it changes the way you approach it. We can live a life doing only that which we want to do, but we must stop thinking of our life as a burden and something to get done. I’m so glad to have helped with my writing.

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      • That’s exactly how I treat my responsibilities, “I HAVE to do this, I HAVE to do that.” But I see your point very clearly that if I just change this attitude towards something constructive like “I want to.” then it’ll definitely do wonders for my own motivation level. 🙂 Thanks again ^_^

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  3. I also love the design of your blog. I’m new here. I’m happy that my comment box is appearing on you. Someone told me yesterday that he can’t see my comment box below my blog 🙂 could you comment anything like reaction on my first blog 🙂 thank you! have a good day.


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