Digging deep…


In sharing my struggles with post concussion syndrome with my friends family and readers on my blog, I have opened a door to compassion and love and sharing. I think on some level I felt as though sharing my pain with the world was a sign of weakness and I was very hesitant to do so. As I pursue positivity and strength and wellness in this world it is what I wish to project, but I am also human and vulnerable and in this moment going through something very difficult and painful.

A friend of mine shared the photo above with me on Facebook and it shook something deep inside me. What a beautiful sentiment to imagine that the darkness is where you plan to yourself and from this place you grow stronger and into the Sun.

I would really like to open a conversation about how the darkness can become a place from which you grow. Does anyone have an experience they would like to share?

11 thoughts on “Digging deep…

  1. I wouldn’t even say it is darkness we have to dig into. What we fear most is our light. We buried it so deep that we don’t even remember that there is a light. But there are holes and at times we see the rays. Those rays remind us on the powerful and inventive creature we are. And right that can be scary because often this wonderful creature doesn’t fit into the picture we were taught to be. But once we go deep down to our roots and discover this amazing power, love, inspiration, happiness, comfort, healing, … we don’t care anymore about any given picture. Because then we understand that the picture we need to fit in has to be painted yet… by us!


      • Yes, that’s right! It is our uniqueness and of course taking responsibility for ourselves and our light that we fear…. but only until we felt it again 😉


      • The people I admire and aspire to be like let the light shine bright. I don’t wish to diminish their light or begrudge them for having. I want to ask why we spend our time fearing our own light when really it’s what is going to help us become our true

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      • Because our light doesn’t always fit into the program of our surrounding. When a child is taught long enough that it is wrong the way it feels and thinks it will believe it over time. But there is always its true nature which calls from inside. That’s when we heart and head are fighting. It is easier to follow the social rules which looks so “reasonable”. Following the voice of our heart means breaking out… and that can be scary.


  2. This discussion reminds me that it takes both darkness and light to make a full day. When my son was 8, his father, my ex-husband, died in a car crash. It was an extraordinarily dark time, but it brought our extended family together in ways I would never have imagined. Pain and suffering aren’t necessary for growth, but they can offer opportunities as well as losses.

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