My place in time….

2015-05-29 11.52.34_resizedI remember walking through Venice in a trance.  As my eyes took in the overwhelming beauty of the city my mind reeled with questions of how history and culture had carved out this unimaginable place.  Around every corner the bridges and pathways laid out a labyrinth of intrigue and story.  Each doorway was an invitation to explore the nature of this way of life.  How did this place come to be?  Who envisioned this remarkable water lined community and how am I so lucky to be here?  As I sat alone along a quiet canal, photographing homes that rose straight out of the water, I was struck by an awareness that I too was now part of its history.  My own footsteps had been added to the record of time as Venice and I took each other in.

As I travel I inherit fragments of each place, and take them with me on my path.  Venice inspires in me a sense of awe at what the swell of humanity is capable of.  Lives and footsteps and stories combine through history, each impacting its course, resulting in the very moment that I experience here and now.  As the culmination of time arrives through my senses I accept that my contribution is underway, and smile at the opportunity to make my mark.  I believe that each of us are here to participate in the unfolding of time and the evolution of culture.  As we expose ourselves to the world we open within ourselves new doors of understanding of what it means to be alive.

My arrival in Venice in 1996, was by train.  Railpass in hand, and backpack as companion, I scraped Liras out of my pockets for cheap accommodations and dined on pizza truck delicacies drinking stowed bottles of Italian wine.  The shoe string of my budget could not diminish the deliciousness of the experience but my next voyage will be by sea.  I can hear the flap of the sails as I travel the coastline of Italy; taste the wine and feel the Mediterranean sun on my skin.  From Rome to Venice by way of the water is a dream for me where I will once again find my place in history.

Luxury-Brands-Directory-Windstar-Cruises rome venice map

“Vacation with Europe’s elite along the sun-drenched shores of Croatia, Montenegro, and tiny Capri. Let your imagination soar as you travel through time to discover the magic of Venice, the grandeur of Rome, and the stunning beauty of the Dalmatian Coast. From the Grand Canal to St. Peter’s Square, this is a voyage of superlatives. “

26 thoughts on “My place in time….

  1. Sounds like this citiy left a big memory an insightful impressions. Thank you for sharing your travel experience, Joanne! Keep going, it is wonderful when you have the chance to explore the world!


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  3. Thank you! I really enjoyed reading your beautiful and dreamy description of the unforgettable Venice in Italy as this amazing city really is. Your words resonate perfectely describing the misty and wet atmosphere, I can see it from your words. Venice it is an incredible city elevated and surrounded by water a precious lagoon where history and art is everywhere. Home of masterpieces from the greatest Artists. Visions of the unforgotten past appearing between the canals while the silent and soft sound of the water accompain a gondola ride. I am very pleased about your amazing experience. Italy is my native country and I am very happy that you had such beautiful time that you will keep it in your memories forever. I also want to thank you so much for be impressed by my Venice watercolor painting and post it here 🙂 Thanks I will look forward to read more…


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